Unlike other lawyers, I have a deep, abiding passion for my work in and out of the courtroom. Simply put, I'm an aggressive attorney. I fell in love with the law at an early age. My first job was in the county clerks office and Since then, the law is all I've wanted to do. Where I differ from other lawyers is that I love seeing my work on the happy faces of my clients. I'm a lawyer through and through, and I've worked on many high profile cases in the media. If you need a seasoned, talented lawyer, I'd love to hear from you today call now. I use the decade of experience I gained as an Investigator for the county to dissect reports and witness statements. 

I also have valuable training in gang cases and forensic children interviewing techniques. I aggressively represent my clients. I never let the other side bully you or your family. I take only a select number of cases per year so that our clients get personal attention unlike the big box firms. We pride ourselves on being different. I believe my professional legal team and my proven approach are what set me apart.

​I offer personalized service and compassionate, caring representation only found in smaller boutique firms including appointments on nights and weekends.


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